WBE-Net Membership Application

Membership Charges And Fees *
For a one-time enrollment fee and monthly access charge, you can learn how to be an Export Trade Agent.

New Account Membership/Enrollment Fee Includes:
  • 1 each/printed Study Guide and 12 Steps to Success booklet
  • Demonstration DVD
  • 1 each/.pdf Workbooks - Business Plan, Export Marketing Plan
  • 1st Month WBE.NET Access - Online Resources & Learning Support

    Total Start-Up - Payable with Credit or Debit Card - $499.00
    Optional Continued Monthly Access - automatic debit per month - $25.00

    Account Re-Activation Includes:
    Continued Monthly Access to online resources and learning support

    Total Re-Activation Fee - Payable with Credit or Debit Card - $50.00
    Includes 1st Month's Access & Support (then $25.00/month to continue)

    Additional $50.00 Charge for Study Materials with Reactivation

  • Personal Information:

    First Name: ___________________________   Last Name: _________________________

    Address: ______________________  City: ______________  State: ___   Zip Code: ________

    Email Address: ____________________________________________

    Phone Number: __________________________   Fax Number: _________________________

    Credit Card #: ___________________________________   Exp: Month ____   Year ____

    Signature: ______________________________________   Security Code ______

    Methods of Payment
    All charges and fees are quoted in US dollars. We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Novus Card; or, prepayment by Cashiers Check or Money Order. Credit/Debit Card customers are optionally charged monthly for Access to online resources and learning support.

    * Make Check Payable to REIS Network.

    * Enrollment Fees, Study Materials and Subscription Access Fees are Not Refundable.

    To mail your payment print this form and mail it to:
  • REIS Network, 4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 500, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

    To fax in your payment print this form and fax it to: FAX 1 310 215-9766