Published March 8, 2001

Pledge Follows Last Week's Student Protest Over Lack of Programs and Resources That Focus on Their Success Following Graduation.

Roosevelt Roby, C.E.O., WBE.Net

Crenshaw High School has reached a partnership agreement with the non-profit R.E.I.S. Foundation of Los Angeles to implement the WBE.Net Global Internet Trade Course for Students at the South Central-area school. The decision follows last week's student protest (2/21/01) over the lack of programs and resources that equip the students for success following graduation. The announcement was made today by Roosevelt Roby, Founder of the R.E.I.S. Foundation and Chairman and CEO of the World Business Exchange Network (

The import-export trade program, which brings technology, progressive education and entrepreneurial training to the classroom, will begin at Crenshaw High School during the 2001 school year. All proceeds generated by the students during the course will go directly to the school's scholarship program.

"I was immediately touched by the students of Crenshaw High and their call for better educational resources," stated Mr. Roby. "The REIS Foundation is committed to preparing our youth for the future, to closing the digital divide in America and empowering all our students - especially those from disadvantaged communities -- with real entrepreneurial training. Our mission is to provide an equal opportunity to all who strive for economic and personal success in life." The new WBE.Net international trade curriculum will be integrated into the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Development program already in place at Crenshaw High under educator Maynard Brown. "We are dedicated to giving our students a quality education and exposing them to innovate new ways of learning," commented Principal Travis Kiel. "I am very excited about the World Business Exchange program and believe it's a perfect fit for us. I am most impressed about it's potential and what it could do to give our students the resources for success they deserve."

The WBE.Net Global Internet Trade Course for students was adapted from data and educational resources provided by the World Business Exchange Network, a leading international trade association on the Internet. It is the only on-line teaching, training, resource and consulting program related to international trade. WBE.Net is a unique "turn key" program that helps individuals establish their own home-based business in international trade and provides step-by-step instructions on how to become a successful export agent. The program provides coaching on everything from establishing and organizing your own home-based business, to export strategy and advice, market analysis, product selection, distribution channels, pricing, methods of payment, export regulation, customs benefits, tax incentives and more.

The WBE.Net Global Internet Trade Course, which is approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District, has been credited for turning former gang members into model students. It motivates students by integrating their basic school studies such as economics, math and geography, with new technology skills and business experience they can use in the real world following high school. It also shows them how to cooperatively work in a group, how to improve their written and oral communication skills, about setting up a home-based business, the vital importance of world trade on both the United States and the global economy and about emerging technology.

The course was first installed in February, 1998, at Alain LeRoy Locke High School, located in the Watts Community of South Central Los Angeles, when it was among the 100 Worst Schools in Los Angeles. Following the course, the school reported a dramatic upgrade in student attendance, grades, self-esteem, motivation and behavior.

Today, Locke High is now considered one of the most progressive schools in the nation.

Through the R.E.I.S. Foundation, the WBE.Net course is also installed throughout Los Angeles at King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science, Mid-City Charter Magnet School (K-12), Men's Central Juvenile Hall, David Starr Jordan High School, and COBA Saturday Success Academy.

In addition to spearheading all business activity for the World Business Exchange Network and all philanthropic efforts of the REIS Foundation, Mr. Roby also serves as the Founding Chairman of the International Trade Sub-Committee of the Minority Business Opportunity Committee (MBOC), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Los Angeles Mayor's office. He also served as an advisor to local MBOC officials, and to the late US Department of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. He has been hailed by former President Bill Clinton, California Governor Gray Davis, Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and others for his innovative curriculum and his dedication to increasing the awareness of international trade opportunities through the Internet to the disadvantaged and minority sectors of society.

Through the R.E.I.S. Foundation, Mr. Roby is avidly working with private individuals, corporations, public institutions and political leaders to expand the international trade curriculum to schools nationwide.

For more information, contact the R.E.I.S. Foundation, 5777 W. Century Boulevard, Suite 1685, Los Angeles, CA 90045; or call (310) 670-6710.