Global Internet Trade Course (GITC)
King Drew Magnet High School
Highlights for 2002 - 2003

    · Thirty-six students were admitted from fifty-one applications accepted.
    · Presentations were made by Western Overseas Freight Forwarding, Manpower Temporary Services, & WBE.NET Trade Association
    · Dayton Coleman was selected to speak to over 500 upper level management professionals at the 15th Annual Spirit of Achievement Gala held at the Beverly Hilton.
    · GITC students took a field trip to Best Buy to observe Retail Management, Warehouse Distribution, Sales Training, and Statistical Analysis.

Academic Perforn1ance
    · Significant Improvement in percent of students at or above average in Reading Content Cluster from 800;0 to 82%
    · Significantly higher attendance rates for GITC students in comparison to King/Drew High School, Local District I, and LAUSD.
    · Mean GP A in academic classes for the GITC students increased from 2.52 to 2.78

Skill Standards
    · All students made three MS PowerPoint Presentations each on International Trade.
    · All students conducted market research on an industry of their choice.
    · All students met each of the TechPrep academic standards
    · Eight students were sponsored $2,500.00 for participation in the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Institute.
    · 3 students have started their own businesses ("US 1 Travel" travel agency, "ET Communication Accessories" Cell Phone Accessories, and "Village Day Care" Child Care Provider)

Graduating Seniors
    · 10 seniors (100% enrollment into 4 year universities including: Stanford University; University of Southern California; University of California Berkeley, Los Angeles, & Riverside; and the Juilliard School of Music)
    · Johnell Holbert has earned over $60,000.00 during 2002 with his ecommerce site that will be used towards his college tuition.
    · 100% of Seniors were enrolled in three or more Advanced Placement Courses

Mr. Webb
    · Mr. Webb was awarded "Teacher of the Year for 2003" by Junior Achievement for Inspiring Students to Achieve
    · Awarded $500.00 Grant from the Fedco Corporation to use toward a field trip to the Port of Los Angeles.