You must change oil lines prior to installing all turbos



  • Service air cleaners and eliminate all restrictions and leaks
  • Before installing turbocharger, inspect and remove all foreign material from air inlet ducting and intake and exhause manifolds.
  • Replace all oil pressure and drain lines which could be kinked, broken, heat worn or internally damaged.
  • Change engine oil and oil filters.
  • Replace all contaminated crankcase and compressor filters.


  • Before attaching new oil drain line to turbocharger, CRANK ENGINE until oil flows from oil drain hole in bearing housing. DO NOT START ENGINE.
  • Attach NEW oil drain line to turbocharger.


  • Mount turbocharger and exhaust manifold using new gasket (avoid using sealing material).
  • Inspect exhaust system. Remove any restrictions which might cause excessive back pressure before connecting to turbocharger.
  • Attach NEW oil inlet line to turbocharger.
  • Align bearing housing drain hole to not more than 30º from vertical center position.
  • Tighten clamps, capscrews or nuts to recommended specifications.
  • Connect air pipage system to turbocharger.


  • Idle engine for 5 minutes. DO NOT REV.
  • Check all systems for oil, air or exhaust leaks.
  • Always have operator IDLE ENGINE for 1 minute PRIOR to SHUTDOWN for longer turbocharger life.